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Guide: Collaborating with Competitors to Advance Sustainability


We have developed tools to assess and steer competitive tensions and to monitor the value creation and capture in multi-stakeholder collaborations. Orchestrators or other professionals that manage multi-stakeholder collaborations can freely use these tools online or download them.

This guide enables managers to make the case for a competitor collaboration to colleagues or leaders, and determine satisfaction with current projects.

How can business collaborate with competitors to identify and implement sustainability solutions?

This guide outlines:

  • Key characteristics and benefits of competitive collaborations

  • Main tensions organizations face when collaborating with the competition

  • Research based advice on developing competitive collaborations for sustainability

Based on extensive research and in-depth interviews, this guide enables business managers to make the case for competitor collaborations to colleagues or leaders, determine the level of satisfaction with current competitor collaborations, and make desired changes. For industry association representatives, the guide provides resources and training for effective industry collaborations. Lastly, this report provides NGO leaders support to implement industry-wide changes and position their organizations to support multi-firm collaborations.

Published by  Centre for Economic Transformation 5 December 2023

Project Info

Start date 01 Jan 2021
End date 31 Dec 2022