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Creating Hotspots for the Knowledge Economy


The emerging knowledge economy alters the expectations for contemporary work environments. Everywhere, we see the development of campuses and other types of “knowledge hotspots”. In this article, the authors discuss the emergence of these hotspots, and provide a number of examples.

They identify a number of strategic interventions that promotion innovation and interaction in these areas.

After-Office, the second issue of STREAM addresses the conflicts of the evolution of our work conditions.

The globalization of economies, the permanent revolution of communication and information technologies, the rise of environmental concerns, and finally the current financial crisis, are all factors that could fundamentally transform our relationship to work and design spaces devoted to specific needs. Through the dematerialization of work through the power of new technologies and the rising values of autonomy and independence of individuals, the environmental crisis leads to the question of durability of the traditional office building in its current design and beyond the organization of cities. Will we create a world After-Office?

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Referentie Winden, W. van, 2012. Creating Hotspots for the Knowledge Economy. After-Office, published June 2012. ISBN: 978-2-9540969-0-2 | 464 pages | PCA Editions, Paris.
Gepubliceerd door  CAREM 20 november 2012


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