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Cluster management for cities: why and how?

Theory, best practice and self-assesment


This report contains a reference framework for cluster managers, as well as a number of current “best practices” in European cities. It concludes with an in-depth description of cluster management practice in two cities, Seville and San Sebastian. The reference framework can help cluster managers in any city to critically reflect on their own practices. The objective of the reference framework is to support them to take a step back from their hectic daily work and reflect on their own cluster management practice, i.e. to self assess “how and why they are doing what they do”, and “how to (eventually) do it better”.

Referentie Ref: L. de Carvalho and W. van Winden (2012), Cluster management for cities: What, why and how? Theory, best practice and self-assessment
18 maart 2012


mrt 2012