Centre for Economic Transformation

Redesigning Ownership

Kate Raworth & Marleen Stikker give insights to their models


To keep the earth a livable planet and to stop climate change, economic systemic changes are needed in the way people interact with the earth and its resources. Getting people moving and empowering them to act sustainably is therefore crucial. Also ensuring an inclusive approach so that sustainable behavior change is possible for everyone! Important models addressing this urgent matter are Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics and Marleen Stikker’s Public Stack.

But how do we make ideas like the Doughnut model and Stacktivism possible in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and beyond? Regenerative, Circular and sustainable cities require that we understand “Ownership” differently. This requires for new ways of imagining, questioning, and connecting. Which creative methods do we need to redesign our current processes and economic models?

In this interactive program Marleen Stikker and Kate Raworth will give you insights to their models, and we will reflect on four great innovative initiatives/ projects. We invite you to join us in this creative process and see and if we all can come-up with ideas to redesign ownership!

Gepubliceerd door  Centre for Economic Transformation 29 maart 2022
Event met Kate Raworth & Marleen Stikker, Pakhuis de Zwijger


Startdatum 22 apr


20:00 - 21:45 uur