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The influence of national and organizational cultural context on supervisor evaluations of employee voice behaviour ‘With faster pace of change and more need for innovation, companies expect employees to be proactive. (Bolino et al., 2010; Bindl and Parker, 2010).

The notion that proactive behaviour is desirable resulted in a big stream of academic research of the benefits of such behaviour. However, next to the benefits of improved organizational performance and innovation, proactive behaviour also has negative outcomes and is not always desirable. In order to focus my research I have chosen a specific proactive behaviour (voice). Voice behaviour is proactive behaviour focused on “problems and challenging others to create positive change” (Seibert et al., 2001). Voice is one of the most controversial behaviours not only in the organization but also from a Western and Eastern European perspective. This research will focus on supervisor perspective despite the self-originating nature of proactive behaviour (originating from the employee).

Promotor: Prof. Dr. D. den Hartog, UvA

Verwachte einddatum: voorjaar 2018

Gepubliceerd door  CAREM 27 oktober 2015

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Startdatum 01 feb 2014


Co-promotor: Dr. Martha Meerman