Wiebe Poelmann


Our alumni Wiebe Poelmann was able to gain insight in a wide range of business topics at AMSIB. Many of these were relevant for him to found his company.

IBMS in my opinion was the best option as it combined practical knowledge with a theoretical mindset, whilst focussing on a broader spectrum than just The Netherlands.

Wiebe Poelmann - AMSIB Alumni

Why did you decide to study IBMS at the AUAS?

The international focus of IBMS was very important for me. At that time, I preferred doing my studies in English and be educated on a wide range of international topics. IBMS, in my opinion, was the best option as it combined practical knowledge with a theoretical mindset, whilst focusing on a broader spectrum than just The Netherlands.

What are your best memories from your studies?

Doing an exchange semester abroad was one of the best experiences during my 4 years of IBMS. This was a requirement during my studies and turned out to be an unforgettable experience from which I still reap the benefits. I went to Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University during this semester and spent 6 months on campus in the middle of an amazing city. I learned valuable lessons and made new friends that I still see to this day.

What was your first job after graduation? How did you find it?

After graduation, I continued my studies at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and followed a Master programme in Financial Management. During this program, I learned more about Corporate Finance, the Financial Sector, and Accounting. After finalising my Master’s Degree, I chose to start a business of my own, which I still run to this day.

What are you doing now?

I’m working at Cortazu and Sqetch, two businesses that I started. Cortazu is a Direct-to-Consumer Outerwear brand that makes clothing for skiers, hikers but also for daily use. We source the best components on the market, focus on functionality and style and together with the factory create the best outerwear we can possibly make. Afterwards, we sell it directly to our customers and skip as many middle-men as possible, all with the goal to create the highest quality outerwear for a much better price. This is how we started and why customers in over 55 countries have bought our products.

Our other business Sqetch is an online platform for clothing production where we connect starting clothing brands to manufacturers in our network.

How did your degree at AUAS prepare you for the workforce?

During the degree, I gained knowledge in a wide range of business topics that are relevant in any company. Being able to combine this, with an international exchange and practical internship gives students enough preparation to continue in the workforce after your studies.