In 2018, Nino graduated from the Honours Engineering track. After that, Nino has been working as an Engineering Officer (Second-Lieutenant) at Airbase Woensdrecht for the 981 Squadron (Aircraft Component Maintenance). He will tell us something about his experiences after graduation and his outlook on the future.

I am a true aviation and military enthusiast

Nino Mooren - Graduated in 2018 from the Aviation Honours Engineering track

How did you get your current job?

During my graduation internship the vacancy came online. I was signed in on their website to get a notification. I waited a long time for this opportunity, the vacancy was on hold for years, so I felt extremely lucky it came online when I was almost done with my study. I sent my CV and motivation letter the same day, obviously I already prepared it!
After the application procedure I went to the Royal Netherlands Military Academy in Breda, where you become a military Officer after successfully completing the course.

What are your daily operations?

This is difficult to answer in a few sentences because it is very diverse! Also, every Engineering Officer has quite a different function depending on where they work. For me, on the one day I am making technical orders for maintenance on aircraft components, the other day I am running from meeting to meeting, and the next day I am doing research on new repair methods or designing special tooling for production. Often times I visit the hangar or technical workplace to check on work in progress or to discuss new approaches or other repair methods, also just to keep a close and personal connection with my colleagues in the workplace. I work on a computer for the biggest part of the day, but there are enough activities that get me moving again. This can be going to the gym or driving to another military base for courses, training or meetings. Being in the military, I also have to keep my military skills and drills on point, so some time also goes into that every week. I can be found at the shooting range or driving off-road for my military driver’s license, or practicing military basic skills and lots more!

What do you like the most at your job?

I am a true aviation and military enthusiast. I like engineering and working in a disciplined and serious workplace. This job gives me purpose and fits my personal interests. I get all the freedom to educate myself, try out new things and make mistakes. If I want to improve myself in a certain field, I get all means available to do so. Also, being part of something bigger than myself gives me a lot of motivation. And you get to do some really cool stuff as well! To blow off some steam, the things we do in our leisure time is from another level! Everybody has heard about the parties!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I love this job and organization very much and don’t want to work elsewhere in my foreseeable future. I hope I will find my way into a more operational function on another airbase to fulfill a supervisory or commander position. I hope to go on many training missions and on deployment abroad so I can become more experienced and prove my capabilities as an Air Force military Officer and really make a difference. Within this organization, this is a realistic prospect.

What did you like the most from your education that helps you out nowadays in your work?

Working together in a team and providing each other with real feedback, and of course self-reflection. The fact that I learned to plan and execute projects in a scientific way is of critical value. Also the skills in making solid reports is invaluable. Besides this, it helps a lot to have some good knowledge about the aviation world with all its regulation, legislation and engineering challenges.

Are you still connected with the Aviation Academy?

Yes, I follow the Aviation Academy on social media as well as the Alumni Community of course!
Also, I would like to use this opportunity to tell my fellow Aviators out there that I am always available for questions, do not hesitate to contact me for information about jobs in the military (military or civilian), internships, graduation assignments or the Royal Netherlands Military Academy. I would be honored to tell you more about this amazing organization and hope to meet some of you in the field! It is a small world!