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IBMS Class of 2007, it is time for your 10 year reunion!

Invitation for the celebration of 10 years of friendship

20 jun 2017 09:00 | Faculteit Business en Economie

One of your fellow students, Prakash Timalsina, has taken this initiative to organize a reunion celebration for all the IBMS students started in the year of 2007 at HES. Just like himself. Will you be there?

Dear fellow students,

We met for the first time in the year of 2007 at HES to start our IBMS course and then spent certain time with each other. It was 10 years before guys. Time has come to celebrate our 10th year of togetherness.

You are heartly welcome for this event on Friday of the 30th June at Pllek restaurant Amsterdam at 17:00 hours. We are going to grab this opportunity to fulfill that gap between us after leaving the HES building till now. We are going to meet for the first time on friday evening in summer at a nice restaurant where we don't need to talk about those projects, deadlines, exams and so on. Indeed we are free to talk about anything we like. We don't want to miss you on that evening!

I request you to inform our mutual friends for this great event and confirm your participation before on Friday of the 23rd June to temroprakash@gmail.com

It will be nice to see you all.

Prakash Timalsina