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Outreach governance in times of transition

The studies, conducted by the Amsterdam WMO (Netherlands Social Support Act) workshop between 2009 and2011, were set up to discover what citizens and social workers should be doing differently to make a success of the transformation from welfare state to a participatory society. In the first place that is to say: to prevent citizens in the most vulnerable situations from suffering. Although the focus lies on citizens and social workers, it is also evident that in the social sector managers, administrators and policy staff can make or break a successful transformation.These are all reasons for devoting a book to this subject.

Stam, Dr. Martin, in coöperation with Dick Jansen, Carolien de Jong and Marc Räkers (2013). Outreach governance in times of transition. Published by Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (translated version)

Gepubliceerd door  AKMI 1 juni 2013


jun 2013


Martin Stam
Dick Jansen
Carolien de Jong
Marc Räkers