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You don't show everyone your weakness

Older adults' views on using Family Group Conferencing to regain control and autonomy

Family Group Conferencing (FGC), a model in which a person and his or her social network make their own ‘care’ plan, is used in youth care and might also be useful in elderly care to support older persons living at home.

In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, FGC was implemented for older adults but they showed resistance. Reasons for this resistance have been researched and are described in this article. We examine existing views and attitudes of older adults concerning the use of FGC, and report on how older adults see the possibility to regain control over their lives
using FGC.


Metze, R.N., M.H. Kwekkeboom, T.A. Abma (2015). You don't show everyone your weakness. Uitgave: Journal of Aging Studies 34 (2015) 57-67.

Gepubliceerd door  AKMI 26 mei 2015


mei 2015


Rosalie Metze