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Geert Boosten MSc is the Head of the Aviation Department at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) and is responsible for the research unit Aviation Management.

The Aviation Management research unit focuses on applied research in capacity optimization. Geert started working at Schiphol Airport in 1988, and gained experience and expertise in all aspects of airport operations and commercial management, business development and strategy in various positions. As a director corporate strategy he was responsible for Schiphol masterplanning, long term airport development, international development but also airport privatization, regulation of fees and charges as well as new business development using ICT. As a consultant Geert is involved in the strategy, masterplan development  and public/private partnership projects at international airports worldwide.


25 maart 2015

dhr.  G.G.M. Boosten (Geert) MSc

Geert Boosten

(bijzonder) Lector Aviation Management

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