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Fashion Research & Technology

Lectoraat verbonden aan het Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Research Approach

Fashion innovation is possible within a multidisciplinary setting. The research group Fashion Research & Technology therefore consists out of researchers and specialist with different backgrounds. Experts in virtual design, human movement science, industrial design, thermo-physiology, philosophy and history bring in their different approaches to fashion research. 

Together we shape innovative research projects, which we complete with several industry partners.

Our three main research directions are Fashion Cultures, Smart Garments and Virtuality in Fashion.


Fashion Cultures

Within the Fashion, Research and Technology Lectoraat the subgroup ‘Fashion Cultures’ studies fashion from the plethora of viewpoints that characterise the humanities. The researchers involved take on a critical and analytical approach towards fashion and its many related cultures and always depart from a multitude of perspectives rather than be guided by and oriented upon one distinct and prevailing one. Our main aims are to contribute to the body of work one may name ‘Fashion Studies’ and to critically reflect upon existing and emerging theories related to fashion and the body.

Fashion Culture

Yalda Bagher - AMFI

With an academic background in the arts and in philosophy the Fashion Cultures subgroup furthermore contributes to education by developing curricula that enables students to examine how typical and extraordinary fashion phenomena are related to cultural ideas such as there gender, representation, meaning, and production and consumption. We regard fashion as an important visual force in our current society and see it as our task to facilitate a critical discussion of, and reflection upon, its effects on both an intimate and public level.

We welcome research questions of the experimental kind extending unto the fields of identity, performance, alternative & experimental theories and practices, philosophy, art, science and design. 

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Smart Garments

Within the Fashion Research and Technology Lectoraat, the subgroup 'Smart Garments' has an emphasis on integrating technology in garments with a variety of implementation areas such as: Healthcare, protective wear, sportswear and fashion.
Adding functionality to garments is a central aim, focussing on wearability and interaction with the new obtained functions.


Jetske Ronner - AMFI

With an academic background in human movement science and interaction design the research group contributes to education by developing curricula that enable students to discover different possibilities of integrating technology in their projects.
Within the Fashion Technology Lab, the research group works together with education, to give students a strong introduction to design with integrated technology.

We welcome questions into the field of smart wearables, both scientific and artistic related.  

Main contact person Smart Garments:


Virtuality in Fashion

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